• Nom : OOF

Date de création  : 2015

Origine  : Italienne

Détails : Marque innovante et prônant le respect de l’environnement, OOF mélange les formes et les couleurs pour vous offrir une garde robe design et élégante. Chaque vêtement est pensé de manière créative, ce qui permet d’avoir des pièces uniques. 

OOF WEAR is art.

OOF WEAR is geometry and colour.

OOF WEAR is design, architecture and music
translated in the key of fashion.

Everything is born out of “THE SHAPES LAB”,
a dynamic space where creativity has no limits.

Colours are explored, studied and mixed
to find new shades that make up
OOF WEAR’s colour atelier.

We are always looking for new languages to interpret the geometry of spaces in order to convey innovative and elegant shapes and volumes in our garments.

Every piece has its own identity that fits whoever is wearing it.

In this way, every jacket can tell a new story.

This freedom of identification has given rise to the OOF WEAR COMMUNITY.

Join the community and write your story.